The king of Japan


Aka Haitu, king of Japan, after 30 years of age, after spending the kingdom, due to increasing age and illness health, he left the throne and made a new history.

A 85-year-old King Aki Haito was throne after his death in 1989, after his death and the death of the 125th king of Japan.

King Aki Haitu is also considered as the most public king, because he has traditionally broken the traditions of all the kings of the past and kept more than ordinary people.

A 30-year-old era of King Aki-Haitu was called ‘the’ hour ‘, although his covenant ended.

King Aki-Haitu had a throne at the age of 55, and for the last three decades he won people’s heart by talking about the public during ancient disasters, diseases and other national issues.

At the time of Aki Haitu, young princesses of the royal family stopped the kingdom and began to marry ordinary people.

King Aki Haito apparently did not respond to such princesses decisions, but according to royal laws princesses were deprived of royal honors.

According to the recent rules of Japanese Emperor, a woman does not have the right to rule, so for the last few years, only a female royal family was seen in a high position.

King Aki Haito indicated that he would leave the throne in 2016 3 years ago and said that he felt that his health was not good and he was proud of being proud of the state’s position due to lack of good health.

Although King Aki-Haitu did not talk about leaving the throne in plain words, however, since then many cats started to leave the throne.

After the announcement of King Aki-Haito, the Japanese Parliament revised the royal laws in 2017, after which the smoothness of the king’s reign was smooth.

After the new rules, at the end of 2017, the royal council of Japan had announced that King Aki Haitu will be handed over to the throne on April 30, 2019.

Before the King’s decree, the new era of kingdom was elected in Japan, and now the name of the new era will be ‘Rea’.

It is the first time in the 200-year history of Japan that some of the throne’s kings came from the king’s throne.

The Associated Press (AP), referring to the Japanese government TV, said the last function of the separation from the King Aki-Haitu’s throne was in the royal palace, in which the new King and the Japanese Prime Minister, including senior government officials Participated.

King Aki Haito thanked Japanese public, government, state officials and new king in his last speech before leaving the throne.

Aik Hitu said in his last address as king: ‘As the Emperor is taking the time of his responsibilities, he is grateful to the Japanese people in order to bear the role of the state.’

He described the king as his fortune as his fortune and, along with his best wishes for the future, he said that he is hoping that the new covenant starting tomorrow will prove to be ‘Rea’ to the Japanese people and the country. Will be.

After becoming Aki Hito, his 59-year-old Prince Prince Naruto became the new King of Japan.

Broadcasting from Aki Haito was visible directly to the government TV and the Japanese people expressed happiness over the change in the king.

It was the first time the Japanese people saw a living king separately from the throne.

After the new King Nitu Hito took over the kingdom, he was given immediate options to handle royal treasures and he would be given all the information to him immediately.

According to the Japanese media, Aki Haitu will be awarded the title ‘Joko’ by the government, which means “great king” after accepting the throne.

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