Diseases assessment


If you have any serious illness, is it possible to assess the doctor without going to it?

Yes, it is possible that there are some obvious signs that are the first symptoms of any disease, just you should know which sign indicates the disease.

So know about the symptoms that are a sign of serious diseases.

unexpected weight loss

If there is a sudden reduction of physical weight without physical or exercise, it is due to anxiety and you should take your medical examination. According to the American Cancer Society, it is often associated with leprosy, stomach, throat or lung cancer.

Too much urine
According to a research, the body unveiled the effort to settle this gathering of glucose in urine. In simple words, toilet peaks seem to be very high, many times a night has to be risen from bed and thirst may take more due to excess urine. In such a case, ask the doctor to have a blood test .


This is a common habit, but do you know that it is also giving a heart attack on heart diseases. According to a research, the risk of blood vessels increases in the risk of developing people, which causes obesity of neck, causing stomach and heart attack. In fact, smash smokers, high cholesterol or obesity . The reason for this is that it kills the blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain.

Cough all the time

Cough is usually not a sign of cancer, however, if any cough is missing and you do not get any problems related to allergies, asthma or respiratory, it is worried. It can be caused by lung cancer, there may also be symptoms of throat cancer.

Writing style

The biggest opening sign of Parkinson or Diabetes is that your writing style changes and the words of writing are reduced. According to a research, if a typation is given to the patients of the partition, the words tend to be small in each section and they also connect to each other. Parkinson’s disease usually affects when the nervous cells of the brain damage or die, these cells stop making dopamine, it is a chemical that sends the signal signal to the body, as a result of the hands The fingers of the fingers are shaped, which affect the writing process. Other two major symptoms of this disease are to eliminate sleeping and more awesome dreams. In case of such a case, it should refer to the doctor immediately because it can be controlled by its diagnosis at the initial level, otherwise it is an incredible disease.

Lips cracks

It may be due to the intensity of the weather, but the lips, especially in the ears, of course, show that your body lacks vitamins B12, the deficiency of vitamins causes many diseases such as blood deficiency Due to lack of vitamin deficiency, you can save yourself from a lot of problems.

Physical deficiency

It may be strange to hear but we seem to have tall knee along with ages, but the speed in its speed indicates that there are some problems in your bone or they are suffering from osteoporosis. The bones of germs mean that the risk of fracture can occur at any time in the event of collapsing, its pre-embedded identification can help us to improve the situation by changing our diet.

More cold

If you look so cold, it may be a matter of concern that you need to increase your physical deficiency system or have problems. This sign can also be a sign of vitamin C deficiency or a virus attack that you do not know, in such cases a blood test can be prevented from premature problems, and improve your normal health. Can be tried.

Urine is more yellow

It is very important to pay attention to your urine color because it is the best way to know about our common health, if your body is in a good amount of water, its color is transparent, However, if its color is more yellow or yellow, it may be a sign that kidneys have a problem and there is no proper processing process.

Problems in the skin

If you have problems with irritation or any other kind of problem, it means that it is allergic reaction or your body is trying to tell you that you are very tensed and Need to slow down the situation.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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