Excessive usage of salt and red meat for diabetes.


Duke. A U.S. Medical School study said that one-time meat meal also increases the risk of diabetes daily.

And there is no need to say how much people like meat in Pakistan like here, whereas even the diabetic disease is spreading quickly.

During this research, during the period of 1999 to over 45,000 nutritional habits were reviewed and asked what they would like to eat daily.

At the close of the research, at least 52 people were suffering from diabetes, and the results showed that daily use of red meat was 23% of the risk of diabetes, while increasing the daily chicken food by 15 percent.

Earlier in 2011, a Harvard University study revealed that use of daily red meat increases the risk of diabetes by adult to 19 percent.

According to this research, the probability of this is the presence of hem iron in the meat, although absorbed very quickly in the body, but its excessive amount of damage can cause tissues, especially those that make tissue-insulin, resulting in diabetes.

The quantity of hem iron in excess of red meat, chicken, c food, etc. is much higher, whereas there is a plant type of iron which is in green, green leaves and seeds etc.

Researchers say it was not that the meat out of your diet should just reduce the use of it, especially red meat.

Use of chicken, fish or plant protein nuts compared to it reduces the risk of diabetes.

Earlier in 2017, research of the Carlisenica Institute of Sweden was told that more salt foods increase the risk of diabetes, and it is likely to be four times higher in those individuals, which is easier for genetic disease.

It has been reported that only half a teaspoon of excess daily meal increases the risk of diabetes to 65% .

In this study, more than 3,000 people were diagnosed with food habits and the results found that people who used to eat more saline foods were found to be 72% more likely to suffer.

Similarly, according to research, more salt foods increase the risk of diabetes typo by 82 percent higher.

Researchers say that we confirm diabetes type 2 become type one due to accessive usage of salt.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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