Right Use of Elo Vera.


It is said and it is believed that the Egyptian emperor used Elo vera cream to maintain better health and maintain their beauty. In ancient times Egyptians used it to treat infection treatment, skin disorders and food as a result of food.

But do you know how good it is to use Elo Vera if you want to get rid of obesity.

Elite Vera juice is a drink that helps to reduce fat naturally.

The use of this beverage before sleeping helps to accelerate metabolicism, which also increases the speed of physical weight loss.

By adding Honey to the Elo Vera juice, its taste can be improved and it also improves the digestive system.

Elite vera juice is considered to be the best for systemic digestion, and as a result, it is easy to achieve the purpose of physiotherapy, whereas problems such as constipations are also protected.


An Eli Veera Leaf

Two cup water


Peel the upper level of a large rod of aloe vera leaves, after which remove the yellow area between the leaves and collect the gel in it.

Mix 2 meal spoons of aloe vera gel with mixture of 2 cups of water in the billender.

Mix this mixture with a spoon and mix it in a glass.

The use of this beverage 3 times a week helps in rapidly reducing physical weight.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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