Bone density reduces during the disease and they become weak.

One of the two males and one of the four men suffer from it, and the risk of breaking the bones increases.

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Using some habits in everyday life can also be made of this problem, while using some foods to help it.

If you want to avoid the weakness in the bone with aging, then you can know these points.

Too much salt

Due to excessive salt foods resulting in excessive calcium emission from the body, which causes bone deficiency. The amount of salt in the zinc food is very high, and the use of excessive nutrients is more harmful.

Spend more time in front of tv

Do not leave television to see, but sitting in front of the screen for a few hours, if there becomes a habit and becomes physically less dynamic, the risk of bone problems increases. Exercise exercises the body while the bones are also strong.

Stay away from the sunlight

The body creates vitamin D from sunlight, which is very important for bones, some time spent sunlight may be beneficial for bones, as well as the vitamin D can be obtained from the diet. Vitamin D supplements can also be used from the doctor’s advice, such as fortified eggs and eggs.

Stay away from soft drinks

By the way, use of these beverages increases the risk of numerous medical disorders and bones are one of them, daily drinks only once a drink can increase risk of fracture by up to 14 percent. It is not clear that what is the reason, but potentially cause caffeine, phosphorus or sugar calcium levels in these beverages.

Do not even diet

Young people, especially if women do not use adequate food, harm their bones, which can lead to middle ages and cause joint diseases or fractures etc. Roasting the abdominal stomach affects the harmonium system in women which also affects the health of bones.

Smoking too harmful

If you are accustomed to smoking, the result of this habit does not easily create newborn tissue .

The following foods can be beneficial in keeping the bones strong.


Yogurt is a good source of probiotic, calcium, potassium, and vitamins D, A and Fleet acquisition, medical experts have discovered that eating daily dung prevents the bone weakness and risk of fracture, if you think that If bones are weakened, make yogurt food habits.


Milk is also a source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A and D, cow milk is beneficial to strengthen the bones, and it can also benefit from fortified country drinking.

Green leaf vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and sug etc. are a good source of calcium, anti-oxidants and vitamins and C, these vegetables often strengthen the body bones and also strengthen physical immune system.

Dry fruits

Almonds, cashews and peanuts are good sources of magnesium, which help improve the structure of the bone, while it is also necessary to absorb calcium.


The bones make up more than 20%, but most people are still unaware of it. In a medical research, it was discovered that dried potatoes also help in stabilizing the bone and also protect the bone from the radiation.


Cheese is made of milk and therefore is a good source of calcium, while it also provides vitamins A, vitamins B12, zinc and phosphorus to the body, making food normally improves the taste of mouth not only. Saves bone from being weak too.


Along with the supplements of vitamin D, foods like this should also be used as a diet, and one week, fish helps to supply vitamin D every week.


Eggs of the egg help Vitamin A, D, K and E, the essential element of absorption of vitamin D calcium, which improves the health of bones.


From the pulses the body does not get protein only, but it is also rich with calcium, phosphorus, potassium and omega-fatty fatty acids, researchers have confirmed that pulses prevent the deficiency of eating habits.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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