Use of rice for good health


Rice food is often a lot of people like, and they use too much in Pakistan.

But this diet with less carbohydrate can be helpful in obesity.

The answer is given in a medical research in Japan, which states that foods in Asian or Japanese style (which are very high use of rice) are likely to reduce the rate of obesity in the preferred countries. .

During this study, the rate of calorie usage, including 136 countries and rice meals, was analyzed, while physical weight data was also seen.

In this study of Kyoto’s Dushanbe Women’s College of Labor Arts, rice shows that obesity rate is less than Western countries where rice food rates are low.

Researchers say that due to this, the amount of fat in rice decreases while there is a presence of fiber, plant compounds, and other ingredients that help keep the stomach rich for longer and it is possible to avoid stagnation.

The rate of thickness worldwide is growing rapidly, and rice food can prove to be an effective habit to avoid it.

However, he also said that eating food is beneficial by moderating, it increases the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome in excess of food.

Earlier, in the US Rio-University research, it was said that carbohydrate-resistant resistance is helpful in controlling obesity.

It is found in carbohydrates seeds, commodities, white rice and pasta etc.

According to research, these carbohydrates are long digestive and turn into fatty acids, which burns our body as energy.

These carbohydrates are different from white double bread or carbohydrates in sweet products that quickly absorb the body instead of burning fat and causing obesity.

This research has shown for the first time in the past that obesity-resistant carbohydrates are found in white rice and pasta, and frequent use of simple rice helps in obesity protection.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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