Use of air conditioner in summer


In summer air conditioner use increases a lot, but most people also think that air cooling machines do not get them sick.

But due to this, not much use of AC but also your own mistakes on which you can make this machine more effective.

If it is not considered AC, it is also filled with germs that can prove to be harmful for health, especially in the form of asthma and allergic problems.

Here are some errors that people do with AC installed in their homes on which you can save your health.

Do not think about cleaning or changing AC filters.

At least once every three months AC AC filters should be changed, but once it should be cleaned in the month. Due to negligence in this work, the filters become dirty and every type of bacterium starts, when they spread to the germs air, the risk of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or other increases. A custom filter can increase AC to 5 to 15 percent, while reducing the entire system life. The good thing is that AC filters are quite cheap that can change.

Therese State Keeps Very Low.

A research has been discovered in most of the people, after staying in AC throughout the day, feeling more fatigue than normal, may also have a feeling of headache and illness, but when they get out of the AC room or building These problems get removed, due to this, AC temperatures may have to be kept very low, just increase its temperature so much that you do not feel crippled, and after some time, after cooling out of the cool atmosphere Enjoy it

Dry skin

The longer you spend in the AC environment, it is more likely to dry as soon as the machine gets cool and dry air removed, which reduces moisture in the skin, it can also affect hair. So, its solution is a good musician.

The heat becomes unbearable.

When a person lives in AC for a long time, then the temperature of hot weather becomes extremely uncomfortable, due to which pressure on the body gets cold due to cool air, ending heat. Due to lack of ability, the risk of being affected during the heat wave increases.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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