Fruits and their benefits in daily use


This time Ramadan has come to the summer, if you want to make your body healthy during Ramadan, use the few fruits available in the market to use it and make your habit , benefits will be surprised.


There is 92% water available in watermelon, which is the best diet for human health, which reduces water scarcity in this season. Due to severe heat, despite drinking water in excess of water, the human body reduces water. It not only reduce the heat but also it containthe Vitamin C and vitamin A, including 46 percent of calories, are also found in a watermelon in a similar way.


In melons, beta crotine and vitamin A are found not only to control the growth of cells in your head, but also increase the skin’s upper layer of skin. It does not allow skin to die on the face even in the form of a layer.
Grewia are easily available but extremely cheap in this season, this fruit helps prevent the heat-stroke, while it is also best for stomach which reduces the body’s lack of water by cooling the body.


Since there is fiber in it, it is easy to digest, a major problem may occur during Ramadan, due to which there is no proper amount of fiber in the diet. So it is beneficial for reducing healthy physical weight, and it is also easy to digest foods by improving system hygiene.


Well everyone might know that there is a lot of potassium in bananas , but the peach has more than a medium-sized bananas, which increases the nervous strength and increases muscle health. Makes it even better. Peach skin is anti-oxidants and fiber rich, and those who are worried about their growing weight, peaches are a healthy source to increase sweetness in any diet.


It is also a very easily found fruit that is used in any shape like fresh, dry, medium etc., it is beneficial for health, due to which there is an essential part of it in the bromelain which reduces risk of heart attack and reduces the risk of diseases like stroke, while also removes obesity.


This popularly known fruit is effective against acute heart and high cholesterol due to which it has a high amount of antioxidants. Each of its grants contain minerals such as potassium and iron that protect blood and muscle defects.


Mangoe is a king of fruit , it is found in a very large quantity of beta crotine, which goes into body and it also has vitamin A, it reduces physical defenses for the development of bones. Enhances the system, while vitamin is very important for health. Similarly, it also contains vitamin C which is considered best for skin health.


A medium size apple contains just 80 calories, but a powerful anti-oxidation is part of it that prevent the digestive of those cells which cause diseases. People who like to eat apples also have the possibility of high blood pressure, while the fruit reduces cholesterol levels as well as protects from intestinal cancer. And yes, it is also the best fruit for dental health but also reduces body weight. Its skin also contains ingredients that fight against diseases that reduce the risk of diseases.


Pomegranate juice 2-3 times a week proves to be the best source of potassium acquisition that stabilizes physical energy and controls high blood pressure. According to different research reports, one-quarter cup of pomegranate juice daily improves the health of blood vessels, lower cholesterol levels and other physical functions are improved. Therefore, the daily use of this juice should be advised by the doctor prior to made a habit. Take it because it can sometimes be a result of adverse effects on using it with medicines.


Banana is full of potassium and fiber that maintains physical energy for a long time, and you have to physically monitor the entire day. It does not include fat or salt, so it does not even increase the risk of physical weight or any other disease.

Blue berries
Well, this fruit is very little in Pakistan, but it is available to use it as it is full of antioxidants and vitamins C, which protect various diseases and also increase mental strength. According to a research, people who often use this fruit often increase the number of problems of eye muscle weakness, which lead to various diseases with increase in the ages.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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