Eating of eggs for healthy body


The medical journal, published in the American Medical Association, said that more than 2 eggs daily consumes the risk of diseases related to blood vessels (epilepsy, heart attack or fluid).

During this research, it was up to 31 years for more than 30,000 people to review the diet, health and lifestyle habits.

The results showed that the use of high levels of nutritional cholesterol in the eggs could be harmful to the health.

It is believed that a large egg contains about 200 mg of cholesterol.

This research from the University of Massachusetts reported that making daily ingredients more than 300 ml of cholesterol, risk of diseases related to blood vessels can be 17 percent and risk of death can increase by 18 percent.

Researchers say that eating a lot of eggs in a week is no evil, but requires balance and moderation, and more than 2 eggs should be avoided in one day.

Well, there are many rumors about eggs in which it is considered harmful diet, so know what science says.

Is Egg whitens damage the kidneys?

Many people believe that excessive use of egg whites can harm kidney but reality is different. In fact, more protein foods (the amount of protein in the white of the eggs is too high) periodically protects kidney problems.

Are Eggs beneficial for physical fitness?

Eggs can eat any one, ie one year old child from the age of 80, it is a healthy and cheaper source of protein acquisition that everyone should use (if preferred).

Is there a limit of eating eggs?

Indeed, eggs have no limit to food, it depends on the needs of your protein and fat, but it is also true that excessive use of anything can be harmful.

Are Eggs harmful for health?

It is true that the amount of fat and protein in the eggs is very high, but if it is moderately eaten, it is not harmful, in fact, the egg can be protected from diabetes.

Can food increase the cholesterol by eating eggs?

The amount of cholesterol in the eggs is sufficient – 212 mm, but it does not mean that it improves the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body. The body itself continues to process cholesterol, and according to a research, eggs work to improve our cholesterol profile and increase the level of good cholesterol.

How to cook?

Eggs should be cooked until the yoke and white are cooked, egg need to be cooked at 160 degree Fahrenheit, so that germination ends. This germ increases the risk of diabetic diseases.



  • Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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