Diabetes is more harmful


But the question is, what age is that when blood sugar checkups should be made part of life routines or everyday?

But before that, we must know what healthy blood pressure of healthy people should be.

Sugar level is 70 to 100 Mg / DL of a healthy person before eating food, it should be 70 to 140 MG / DL after eating, while those who have diabetes start or pre-diabetes suffer it starts from 101 to 125mm before eating. G / DL and after eating food can be 141 to 200 MG / DL.

Diabetes patient has Blood sugar can be up to 125 MG / DL or more, while after eating , more than 200 MG / DL or meal.

What should be the age or element of blood sugarger check-up habits?

Anyone who is more than 45 years old must check their early blood sugar, if the result becomes normal,in every three years you should do so.

If physical weight increases, the physical sugar level should be checked every one within 3 months, whereas high blood pressure, liquid in cholesterol level, sitting at all times, or habit of check-up in the heart disease Should be regular.

If pre-diabetes is diagnosed, then check-up should be made every year.

During pregnancy if women diagnose diabetes, they should be screened every three years of diabetes.

Blood Sugar Growth Symptoms

Thirsty thirst

too much urine in the night.

Weight loss.

the skin problems

Instead of normalizing the wounds it take long time.

Low Blood Sugar

Feel weakness and sorrow.

Feet yellow and feel sticky with cold.Confusion and bad attitude.

The speed of heart rate increases suddenly.

Patients lose awareness or unconsciousness.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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